Public Transportation Accident Attorney SC

When involved in a bus accident, it’s important to remember that injuries might not be immediately apparent. Compared to typical passenger vehicle accidents, bus accidents often have more victims and potentially liable parties, with injuries tending to be more severe due to the absence of safety features like airbags and seat belts. If you’re in a bus or other public transportation accident, seeking legal assistance from an experienced attorney like Bill Connor is crucial. Bus accident claims are complex, and professional guidance can be vital in maximizing your compensation.

If you’re a victim of such an accident, the first step is to seek medical attention promptly. If no one around can call for help, take the initiative to call 911 yourself. Medical attention is crucial, and the accident needs to be reported to law enforcement for an official accident report. In many states, there’s a time limit for seeking medical care to support your claim. Don’t risk losing your claim or aggravating potential injuries by delaying medical consultation. Even if you feel fine, it’s wise to get a medical check-up immediately after a bus accident. Afterward, reach out to The Bill Connor Law Firm for legal support. Keep all documents related to medical procedures and tests. Symptoms may not appear until days or weeks later, making it essential to have a timely and well-documented defense for your rights.