General Practice Attorney in Orangeburg, SC

General practice usually contains a broad variety of practice fields by a lawyer. It signifies that the lawyer does not restrict their law firm or practice to just one particular area of law. Usually, the lawyer will practice law in numerous areas including criminal law, collision and personal injury, medical malpractice, estate planning, business law, family law, and more. 

Many lawyers will start a “general practice” and sometimes settle into a specific area of law in which they aim to specialize. One may also see general practitioners in smaller communities such as Orangeburg SC.  In these communities, clients look to “their” hometown lawyer, so an attorney must practice in various areas. Attorneys-at-law are not obliged to specialize. 

When a person is looking for an attorney in Orangeburg SC, they may want to find a lawyer that that has expertise in a variety of areas so that they can help them in many different types of law. At The Bill Connor Law Firm in Orangeburg SC, we can help you in several areas of law. 

If a person has regular legal issues including those that sometimes trouble small businesses, he may find that a general practitioner can better help in all areas. The lawyer will generally get to know the business better and know how it fits together. Also, keep in mind that a general practice lawyer can seek cooperation from attorneys of a particular specialty when specialization is required. A general practitioner will also be in a position to assist, manage, and call in expert assistance whenever and whatever as needed.