South Carolina has had a seatbelt Law for decades. However,  Originally it was only a secondary law which meant that a police officer could only charge you with a seat belt violation if the officer had pulled you over for another violation.  That seatbelt law was changed to a primary enforcement in 2005, meaning that if an officer observed any passenger of a vehicle not wearing a seatbelt, he could pull you over solely for the seatbelt violation. Fines range from $25 to $50 depending on the number of previous offenses. Passengers under the age of 17 are the driver's responsibility, meaning that the driver will receive a fine for all persons under the age of 17 not wearing a seatbelt. 


  • South Carolina Car Seat Laws for child, however, are significantly more lenient. 
  • Children over six may ride in the front seat
  • After a child reaches the age of one, and weighs more than 20 pounds, they are no longer required to be "Rear-facing."
  • These laws are the same no matter the type of car or the county.


How Not Wearing a Seat Belt Can Affect Your Claim

If you are injured in an automobile accident and found not to have been wearing a seat belt, the other driver's insurance company may determine a lower range of damage amounts for you in terms of a potential settlement. 

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