Unfortunately, many employers value profit over safety for their employees. Faulty or shotty equipment, unsafe work zones and improper training are all too common in the workplace. 
As a result of these practices, countless numbers of people have been injured on the job in accidents that could have been prevented. Cutting corners to increase profits produces unsafe work environments. 

The Impact of Workplace Accidents

In some cases accidents are caused by negligent employers, others it's a lack of proper training to blame. The outcome is the same, unnecessary suffering and financial hardships for the injured and their families. 

In cases where an employers’ workers-compensation claim processes are designed to limit claims and insurance payouts for injured employees, you and your family could be in for a bumpy ride.

Common Workplace Accidents in South Carolina

Construction Accidents
Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents
Coal Mining Accidents
Oil and Gas Rig Accidents
Logging and Timber Accidents
Industrial Accidents
Manufacturing Accidents
Equipment Accidents
Excavation Accidents
Ironworker Accidents
Accidents caused by Defective Products
Trucking Accidents

Workplace accidents are serious, with injuries such as:

Muscle Strains
3rd-Degree Burns
Bone Fractures
Loss of limbs or digits
Cuts and Bruises
Repetitive Stress Injuries
loss of vision
Exposure to Toxic Fumes
Occupational Diseases
Wrongful Death

Accidents occurring in a workplace can be very stressful for victims and their families. It can be difficult to determine what the best course of action is in these troubling times. Obtaining compensation for medical bills and lost income. Employers are not always helpful in this process. Sometimes, they put up unnecessary barriers designed to frustrate employees and cause them to give up.

Other factors that complicate things for workplace injury victims are knowing which type of claim to file. There are several possibilities, and the right option depends on the specific circumstances of your case.

Some possible legal avenues include:

Workers’ Compensation Claim: 
If your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance, the first step is to file a claim. Workers’ comp is a system that provides benefits to employees regardless of who is at fault for the accident (with a few exceptions).
If your employer does not carry workers’ comp insurance, you may be able to bring a direct lawsuit against them for damages sustained.

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